Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3rd-7th Menu Plan!

Happy New Year All,

New Years night we sat at home and celebrated with some friend and just watched the Ball Drop on TV. I still am in shock that 2010 is over and gone! It seriously has been the fastest year yet!! I have a great feeling about 2011, I feel it going to be a great year or at least I hope so.

As for new years resolutions, I blogged a bit about this the other day. I am going to narrow it down to 5...
1. Worry Less
2. Plan more adventures w/ my Hubby & Daughter
- One of those will be a 1500 mile drive to Nebraska to visit his family.
3. Start taking some Online classes
4. *Something Else* Will be announced at a later date!
5. Lose the rest of the weight I have to lose.
- In 2006 I lost over 100 pounds. And in 2010 I lost 20 pounds. I am hoping I can reach my goal this year to finish losing the rest I have to lose :D I am hopeful!

Menu Plan:

- Monday: Lucky Charms w/ 1% Milk and Half a Banana
- Tuesday: Grits, and Scrambled Egg Whites/ or Egg Beaters
- Wednesday: Home Fries & Scrambled Egg Bake, Sliced Apple
- Thursday: Breakfast Wrap
- Friday: Pancake & Sausage

- Monday: Stuffed Bell's left over from supper last night
- Tuesday: More then Likely Leftovers again
- Wednesday: Tomato's & Noodles
- Thursday: Fast & Easy Spaghetti
- Friday: Nugget's & Garlic Pasta

All New Recipe's This Week :)
Monday: Chicken & Pastry, Garden Peas (From last week, did get around to making it)
Tuesday: Chicken Alfredo Bake
Wednesday: Chinese At Home : Will Share recipes I decide to make! Veggie Lo Mien with be one!
Thursday: Roast w/ Onion’s & Pepper’s, Baked Potato
Friday: Pizza