Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A day late!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to post a menu this week also! Even tho last weeks was a little off and I did not get to finish it! Here is the one for this week.

Menu November 8th-21st

-Monday(Last Night)- We had Chicken & Rice w/ Chicken Salad. I did not document these recipes cause they are pretty simple to make. I had some homemade Chicken Broth made. Brought that to a boil in a pot I put about a cup more broth then it takes to cook the rice that way it has some juice in it. For the Chicken Salad I had a mixture of dark and white me chicken that I boiled w/ skin on and bone in. After it cooled I removed the skin and bone and tore the chicken into bite size pieces. Placed it in a bowl, Added Hard Boiled eggs, Mayo, & Pickle Relish. All these are the amount of your liking. I do not measure lol. I also like to add a diced apple or two but my mom was eating and she prefers it without the apple.

-Tuesday(Tonight)- We are having oven BBQ'd Pork Chop's (Chops cut of your choice, and fave BBQ sauce), Garden Pea's, & I am not quit sure of what other side we will have to go with it Some type of Potato dish I am sure!!

-Wednesday- Hamburger Helper and Corn{It's Church night and we need something Fast & Easy :)}

-Thursday- We loved the Chicken & Stuffing Casserole sooo much we are going to have it again YUMMM! Thanks to Thanks to Eat at Home ***I made a fee Changes in mine*** You can compare recipes!

-Friday- We will probably go out. Ruby Tuesday's salad bar YUMO! *money willing :)*

-Saturday- Stir Fry & Ding Dong Cake*NEW* (This is subject to change-Meaning if I find another recipe through out the day then I will be changing this)

-Sunday- TBA


That's about all I have for ya today! I do have a two recipes that I may post later in the day not sure yet! Yesterday was a ruff day! They say that when time falls back it's a good thing but not here. It has confused us all so much. I am in bed at 9 and up at 6 which makes the day SO long. & the Fact that it gets dark 5:30 WOW. Anyways we are planning for a better day then yesterday and so far so good, I will talk to you all later. I am going to go vacuum, sweep, mop, do dishes and laundry. You know all that exciting stuff lol "yeah right"! Hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday!