Sunday, November 21, 2010

Menu Plan For November 22nd-28th

Hello All,

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Yes, I know I am early but I am so excited. It has been one of the fastest weekends ever. My husband had to work on Saturday from 9-4 and boy it just made the weekend wiz by. Friday night we went Shopping with my Mom and Aunt. We went to Kmart and they were having a Better than Black Friday Sale! Awesome Awesome Deals. We finally got our Christmas Tree. 7ft Tree for $79 bucks talk about a DEAL! Also done some Christmas shopping fro some family and friends. Not done quit yet but I am hoping by the 2nd week in Dec we will have everything :). Friday night we also ate at a place called Village Station. Seafood Buffet for $9.95 ahhhh it was amazing! Had the best fish I had had in a LONG time.

Saturday I went grocery shopping with my mom and baby girl Khloey. Had to stock up for the week and all the Thanksgiving goodies that we needed. Came home and just lazied the day away while my husband was working lol. When he go home we went over to a friends house and had supper and watched the movie Grown Ups. It was hilarious!

Today, Church of course. We made some Turkey Handprints in our Sunday School Class. *I am a Sunday school Teacher for ages 0-3 - I LOVE IT!* Here is what it looks like! This is not any of the ones we did I forgot to get pictures but this what they looked like :)

Also today we put up some Christmas Lights outside. I was dieing to decorate :). And we have a tradition of putting the Christmas Tree up the Night after Thanksgiving so I wanted to keep with tradition so I just went ahead and put lights up outside lol! Anyways, hubby gets to go into work 2 hours late tomorrow so we are going to watch a movie before bed! Then in the morning going to eat breakfast :)!


Monday- Chicken Fried Rice*New* Don't miss this. This is so easy and so flavorful and I came up with this all on my own!

Tuesday- Sloppy Joe Mac*New*, Corn, Cornbread

Wednesday- Shake & Bake BBQ Pork Chops, & Potato Salad

Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving
- Pig Pickin Cake*New*
- Chuck's Favorite Mac & Cheese*New*
- Butter Beans

Friday- Leftover's & Baking cookies!

Saturday- TBA

Sunday- Smothered Pork Chop's*NEW* w/ Broth Simmered Rice*NEW*, Veggies