Monday, August 30, 2010

8 days and no post :(

Sorry everyone! Things have been a little hectic here and have not been on the ball with things! I hope is well with you all! We are good now Khloey is over her little sickness and I am getting over a UTI! This weekend we went to the beach wanted to get a visit in before fall comes! It was great! But I do not think eating a picnic on the beach with a 19 month old was a good idea! Lets just say half our meal we did not get to eat because it was covered in sand! So NEVER again will be eat on the beach lol! At the end of my post I will share some pictures we got!

Weather here has been very pleasant for a little while. But I think that could be ending. Earl is coming very close to our coast and with it being a category 3 I am sure we will be getting some of the effects of it!!

Also be looking tonight or tomorrow night for our favorite home-style potato recipe!

God Bless
Mamma Koehler