Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Evening :)

How was everyone's Monday? Ahhh mine was the definite definition of MONDAY lol. Monday - WORST DAY OF THE WEEK! It has just been a what can go wrong will go wrong day. Bout to cook supper Corn Dog's & Waffle Fry's tonight fried in Canola oil. I LOVE CANOLA OIL. So no recipe for ya tonight. But tomorrow check in for my Sweet & Salt Stir Fry Recipe. It has chicken, broccoli, carrots, onions, pasta, and the perfect amount of salty and sweet flavor! I call it a stir fry but its kinda like a stir fry and lo mien mix lol. Delicious tho! I hope everyone has a great Monday and if not lets just look forward to a much better day tomorrow right?

I want to share with you all that Friday I started working for a company called Melaleuca. I would love for everyone to keep me in there prayers that this works our for me. I really need the extra cash so I am hoping it works right for me. If you would like to Know more about Melaleuca's Product please contact me by email at They have some great house hold and personal products. Cheaper then the grocery store's and also better for you and the enviroment!

God Bless,
Mamma Koehler!