Sunday, August 1, 2010

Broccoli & Chicken Mac & Cheese

It has been a great Sunday. We went off to church this morning it was good. Got home and made some lunch. After we ate we put Khloey down for her nap and done some house cleaning and just relaxed. We just finished up our supper, it was delicious. We are now watching The Challenge on Food Network, I love this channel :D! Anyways that's been my Sunday. Now to post my recipe's for today.

God Bless,
Mamma Koehler

For Lunch I made Homemade Corn Dogs. I found this recipe at Mommy's Kitchen

I did not have any sticks of any kind so I just done them without them. You can get the recipe from the site above. They were VERY good!

For supper we had Broccoli & Chicken Mac & Cheese with Corn Bread Fritters.

Broccoli & Chicken Mac & Cheese:

1. 2 Large Bone in Chicken Breast
2. 2 Large Fresh Broccoli Bundles
3. 1 Box (Your) Favorite Boxed Mac & Cheese
4. 3 Slices of Cheese (Your Choice)
5. 1 Tablespoon Butter
6. Salt & Pepper


Boil Chicken Breast in 5 cups Salted Water

Chop Broccoli

When the chicken is finished cooking, let cook, and chop.

Put Chopped Broccoli in the Chicken stock that was made when boiling the chicken.

Cook Broccoli until fork tender 5-7 Min's. Remove and Place in the bowl with your chopped chicken breast. Then in the same juice pour in your noodles from your boxed mac & cheese.

Cook the noodles until Aldente. Your water will be mostly gone but if you have allot of water remaining drain. After you drain you pasta return it to your pot. Add your cheese packet, broccoli, chopped chicken, and sliced cheese! Mix Well!