Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Hump Day♥

Hip Hip Hoary its Wednesday,

This week has been really creeping by for some odd reason. I am glade it's Wednesday and we only have two more days til the weekend. Not that I have any big plans but just the fact of having my husband home from work to help out with Khloey is a blessing lol. She is only 18 months but I swear I think she is already at the terrible two age. She got up at 7am, and ate her breakfast as usual but, not to long after that she has the rolling pin trying to beat Deedle (Our poodle). After I stopped that she was climbing up on the end table and jumping onto the furniture lol. She is so cute but boy she is def a handful, I can't even imagine what she is going to be like at 2 years old if this isn't the Terrible 2's stage lol.

Plan's for today include the usual. Clean some house, try to keep Khloey from breaking her's or Deedle's neck, and prepping/cooking supper. On tonight's menu is A Whole Roasted Chicken, w/ some baked white rice. One dish, in the oven, can't get much more simple then that.

Upcoming Meals/Recipe's to keep an eye out for is this weekend. I am going to attempt to make (2 savory pizza's still thinking on this one) & Apple Pie Pizza for Dessert on Pizza Night(Friday Night) & Then Apple Turnovers for Breakfast one morning (Sunday morning probably)

A lady from our Church dropped me off a bag full of apples 30-50!