Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hey everyone,

Sorry I have not posted the recipes had promised last week time just got the best of me and I did not even cook any thing on the menu last week! I did post the Dip Recipe & The Pig Pickin' Cake recipe just a couple minutes ago so check those out! There will be A LOT of recipes to come this month. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love cooking during Christmas! Whether it is for home, church, or family I will be doing lots!

My Thanksgiving was well. Hope yours was as well. I don't think I got enough Turkey I have been wanting some more lol. So I am think Christmas Day we will be cooking a Turkey Dinner.

I am almost finished Christmas Shopping WOO HOO! Got our Tree up! And some Lights outside as well!

No menu this week! We are kinda just going with the Flow :)! Tonight I think we are going to have Shake & Bake BBQ Pork Chops not sure of what we will have to go with it!

Follow me PLEASE! You want be sorry! Have some great recipes and more to come!

Momma Koehler